Our webinars support educators throughout the Ciena Solutions Challenge journey. Watch the recordings and join a live webinar to learn more and connect with other educators.

Getting Started in the Ciena Solutions Challenge

Watch our webinar Getting Started in the Ciena Solutions Challenge to learn more about the Ciena Solutions Challenge and how to get started.

Introduction to Challenge Based Learning

New to Challenge Based Learning? Watch the recording of our webinar Introduction to Challenge Based Learning. This session walks you through the experience of the Challenge Based Learning framework and shows you how to leverage Challenge Based Learning for the Ciena Solutions Challenge. 

Fostering Student Agency in the Engage Phase

This webinar offers strategies and activities that support students to lead their learning throughout the Engage phase. Watch the webinar recording:

Supporting Students to Investigate Their Challenges

Students in the Ciena Solutions Challenge will explore and investigate real-world challenges and gain important problem-solving, computational thinking, and critical thinking skills. This webinar covers how students can create guiding questions that lead to a deeper understanding of their challenge and presents methods students can use to find answers to their guiding questions. 

Taking Action with an Action Pathway

What will your students do to take action? In this webinar, we’ll explore action pathways and relevant tools and technologies that students can use to act on their challenges.  Register to attend this live webinar on November 3.


Sustaining and Scaling Student Projects

One goal of the Ciena Solutions Challenge is to support students to make a lasting and sustainable impact in their local communities. This webinar will help educators support students to scale and sustain their projects with the resources available to them.

Submitting Your Ciena Solutions Challenge Projects

What makes a Ciena Solutions Challenge project submission compelling? This webinar will help educators submit student projects to the Ciena Solutions Challenge Project Gallery and apply for a $2,500 USD Ciena Solutions Challenge Sustainability Award. Register to attend this live webinar on January 5, 2022.


Educator Roundtables

Watch our educator roundtables to hear educators from Canada, India, and the United States on how the Challenge supports them in building positive relationships with students, engages students in virtual learning environments, and helps students find an authentic purpose for learning. 

Educator Meetups

Do you have questions about the Challenge? Want to meet other educators participating in the Challenge? Join our Educator Meetups! These 30-minute virtual meetups provide an informal space for you to connect with other educators and members of the Ciena Solutions Challenge team! Register for our next meetups on December 21 and January 6.