Throughout the Ciena Solutions Challenge, Digital Promise and Ciena will offer professional learning and mentoring opportunities for educators and students as they reach their Challenge solution. Sign up for our upcoming events and webinars, and find recordings of previous sessions below.

Educator Roundtable

Hear from educators in Brazil, Nigeria, Uganda, the United States and Zimbabwe on their experiences running the Ciena Solutions Challenge with their students across a variety of grades and school contexts in the Ciena Solutions Challenge Educator Roundtables.

In both sessions, teachers share how the Challenge supported teacher-student relationships, how students found an authentic purpose for learning through the Challenge, how the Challenge helped them reach their teaching goals, and how they integrated the Challenge into their curriculum. 

Session 1:

Session 2:

Ciena Solutions Challenge Orientation

Just starting the Ciena Solutions Challenge? Watch the recording of the Ciena Solutions Challenge Orientation to learn about the Challenge purpose, key dates, the project gallery, the Ciena Solutions Challenge Sustainability Award, and how you can best prepare for the Challenge. 

Focusing on the Big Idea: Engaging Strategies and Essential Questioning

During the Engage phase, educators guide their students through identifying their big ideas, learning more about their big idea in their community, and essential questioning to develop a concrete and actionable challenge.

In this webinar, we discuss how teachers can guide students through the Engage phase and promote student agency with the use of Engage activities and strategies.

Investigating Through Questioning and Research

Through the Ciena Solutions Challenge, students are able to explore and investigate real-world challenges that are meaningful to them and their lives. These investigations allow students to learn more about not only their challenge, but also gain important problem-solving, thinking, and analysis skills.

In this webinar, we share the investigation methods your students could use to answer their guiding questions and discuss how to guide students through powerful learning experiences in their investigations.

Connecting to Your Content Area

Educators can integrate activities from the Ciena Solutions Challenge into any content area. In this webinar, we share best practices, strategies and techniques that will help you to integrate computational thinking in your day-to-day teaching curriculum.

Designing Your Action Concept

What will your students do to take action? In this webinar meetup, we explore potential action pathways and relevant tools and technologies that your students can use to act on their ideas.

Planning to Scale and Sustain Your Actions

One goal of the Ciena Solutions Challenge is to support students to make a lasting and sustainable impact in their local communities. This webinar helps educators support students to scale and sustain their projects with whatever resources they have available.

Celebrating and Reflecting on Your Challenge Designs

Are you prepared to submit your teams’ designs? In this webinar we provide an overview of how to submit your Challenges on behalf of your student teams. We also celebrate and reflect on your journeys throughout the Ciena Solutions Challenge.