Translated Resources

English • Español • Français • Português • русский язык • 한국어 • 繁體字 • 简体中文 • العربية

Translated resources are provided below as reference. For the purposes of judging, project submission information and sustainability award applications should be in English. Related outputs that showcase creative use of technology (i.e. things like podcasts, digital games, apps, data visualizations, interactive maps, etc) can be in any language. In these cases, teams are encouraged to provide a short English description of such outputs to assist with review.

  • 信息 (About the Challenge)
  • 规划文件 (Challenge Builder)
  • 演示文稿指南 (Project Portfolio Template)
  • 项目展示库参赛表 + Ciena Solutions Challenge 可持续发展大奖参选表 + Ciena Solutions Challenge 可持续发展大奖评选标准 (Project Submission and Sustainability Award Forms and Judging Rubric)