Video Learning Series

This Video Learning Series includes on-demand webinars, tutorials, and roundtable conversations to support your journey through the Ciena Solutions Challenge.

Program Orientation and Challenge Based Learning

Ciena Solutions Challenge Program Orientation

Just starting the Ciena Solutions Challenge? Watch this orientation session to learn about the Challenge purpose, key dates, the project gallery, the Ciena Solutions Challenge Sustainability Award, and tips for getting started. (10 minutes)

Focusing on the Big Idea: Engaging Strategies and Essential Questioning

During the initial Engage phase of Challenge Based Learning, educators guide their students through identifying their big ideas, learning more about their big idea in their community, and essential questioning to develop a concrete and actionable challenge. In this session, we discuss how teachers can guide students through the Engage phase and promote student agency with the use of Engage activities and strategies. (29 minutes)

Investigating Through Questioning and Research

Students explore and investigate real-world challenges that are meaningful to them and their lives as part of the Investigate phase of Challenge Based Learning. In this session, we share some investigation methods students can use to answer their guiding questions and discuss how to guide students through powerful learning experiences in their investigations. (24 minutes)

Designing Your Action Concept

In this session, we focus on the Act phase, which is the third phase in the Challenge Based Learning framework. In the Act phase, student teams work together to synthesize what they've learned from the Engage and the Investigate phases and then develop actions that work towards a solution to their Essential Question within their own community. (24 minutes)

Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Introduction to the Ciena Solutions Challenge and the CBL Framework

Learn about the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) framework and how to start a challenge with your students. (3 minutes)

Quick Tip: Engaging with the Big Idea

Tips for navigating the Engage phase and supporting students as they notice, empathize with, connect to, and define their big idea. (2 minutes)

Quick Tip: The Investigate Phase

Tips for navigating the Investigate phase and supporting students to write guiding questions, select investigation methods, and complete guiding activities. (3 minutes)

Quick Tip: The Act Phase

Tips for using Action Pathways and writing an action concept. (3 minutes)

Additional Professional Learning Videos

Connecting to Your Content Area

Educators can integrate activities from the Ciena Solutions Challenge into any content area. In this session, we share best practices, strategies and techniques that will help you to integrate the Challenge into your day-to-day teaching curriculum. (29 minutes)

Ciena Solutions Challenge Educator Roundtable (August 2022)

Learn about the Ciena Solutions Challenge from participating educators in Nigeria, Uganda, the United States, and Zimbabwe. (60 minutes)

Ciena Solutions Challenge Educator Roundtable (September 2022)

Learn about the Ciena Solutions Challenge from participating educators in Brazil, Nigeria, and the United States. (57 minutes)