The Role of
an Educator

As Educators, you are uniquely positioned to help students become problem-solvers and critical thinkers.
Because of you, students have the opportunity to collaborate alongside other students, learn about the larger world through the lens of inquiry and investigation, and develop new skill sets that are transferable and applicable to use in real-world situations. Because you are responsible for developing young change-makers in the 21st-century, you have the ability to expose students to their own autonomy through modern technologies, allowing them to ask essential questions and determine the direction of their research and solution.


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Educators can Increase Student Innovation through Challenge-Based Learning Educators have the ability to work with students to take multi-discipinary standards-based content, connect it to what is happening in the world today, and translate it into an experience in which students make a difference in their community through the Challenge-Based Learning Framework .

Challenge Based Learning has three interconnected phases. Engage , Investigate , and  Act . Each phase includes activities that prepare learners to move to the next stage. Supporting the entire experience is an ongoing process of documenting, reflecting, and sharing.

Students will work to identify a challenge facing their community, engage with the challenge and community members, investigate to learn more, and act to work toward a community solution to the challenge.

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What Are We Called To Solve?

The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to create a better world. They cut across science, history, policy, habits, age, gender, culture, and geography, and can be contextualized and made meaningful in almost every situation and involve all academic disciplines. 

Educators and students are invited to accept the challenge of solving the ideas and questions as they build out their own Challenge experience, or identify other Global Goals and Big Ideas that are most meaningful to them. 

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