Project Information
Project year
Big Idea
Clean Water
Essential Question
How can we keep trash overflowing out into streams and rivers?
Project Description

We chose to address the overflowing of trash cans at our school because:

1. It very common and not just a rare occurrence

2. Trash outside can travel almost 2,000 miles

3. Styrofoam can sit for around 500 years 

4. People don’t care to clean up trash so the longer we wait = the more trash will pop up

So we made the Trash Krusher to solve that problem and have a way to make throwing away trash fun!

Project Portfolio
  •  RGS Ciena Challenge Trash Krusher.pdf

    RGS Ciena Challenge Trash Krusher.pdf

    2022-02-02 19:56:57


Use this linked template  as a guide for your submission

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation