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Big Idea
Global Ecological Route
Essential Question
How to enable and strengthen sustainable tourism through partnerships with the school community?
Project Description

The main challenge of this project is to understand and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities and available resources related to local ecotourism that can minimize negative impacts related to socio-environmental issues and at the same time offer the community school projects in different fields of activity to formulate and articulate concrete proposals  to assist our students in the issue of a decent employability. The intention of this project is to strengthen the idea that the environment can be our greatest partner.

Project Portfolio
  •  Slides Ciena Solutions Challenge Project Portfolio Template (2023-2024).pdf

    Slides Ciena Solutions Challenge Project Portfolio Template (2023-2024).pdf

    2024-03-15 17:51:12


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Goal 4: Quality Education
Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals
Student Reflection Video
Student Reflection Video