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Accessible tissue Engineering
Essential Question
How can an accessible meniscus implant be designed and validated computationally, biomechanically, and biologically?
Project Description

Importance: The most common knee injury is a torn meniscus, affecting 65% of all adults. Currently, meniscus implants are not accessible, personalized, or representative of the physiological properties of the meniscus, resulting in poor tissue regeneration.

Design: This investigation 3D-printed novel composite implants by combining polycaprolactone-scaffolds and gelatin/chondroitin sulfate-hydrogels. The implants were personalized using patient-specific tear MRIs and latticed using computational geometry. Finite element simulations were used to optimize lattice structure under physiologically relevant knee conditions.

Applications: Overall, the novel implant is a viable regeneration option, important in sports medicine and osteoarthritis prevention.

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    Ciena Solutions.pdf

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Student Reflection Video