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Big Idea
Climate Change Awareness
Essential Question
How can we stop climate change and it’s rooted problems in the environment?
Project Description

We want change! The earth is deteriorating and it's hard to watch so we'd like to take action and take as many roads there are to get to our final destination. We see so many bad things happing just because of us just ignoring our future. We've been gifted a planet just to let it burn, the signs are right ahead, Our oceans are polluted, thats water for ur consumption and habitat for the animals that we observe.

Project Portfolio
  •  Climate Chaos - B.E. MAYS HS_CSC Submission.pdf

    Climate Chaos - B.E. MAYS HS_CSC Submission.pdf

    2023-03-05 22:34:46


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Goal 13: Climate Action
Goal 15: Life on Land