Project Information
Project year
Big Idea
Sow with purpose
Essential Question
Can I purposefully rescue the lives of others from my school?
Project Description

Our experience in the Ecological Blue Flag program, our educational commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, and our participation in campaigns and other international programs have helped us mature this idea over time.

The constant needs of social assistance centers after the pandemic led us to create a project for planting, harvesting and generating organic fertilizer, to be reproduced in other educational centers. It is run by Escuelas por la Tierra students team and the INTERACT club.

Simbiosis is a project that will start in first quarter of 2023 and will also promote entrepreneurship and student leadership.

Project Portfolio
  •  Ciena Solutions Challenge Project.pdf

    Ciena Solutions Challenge Project.pdf

    2023-03-05 20:07:56


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Goal 4: Quality Education
Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production