Project Information
Project year
Big Idea
Ecomedia Literacy
Essential Question
How can we frame youth media to work to preserve and support the environment?
Project Description

Our project brought high school students together with college students and community organizations to define ecomedia literacy through filmmaking in our videography program.  Through this project we developed tools to build hope and optimism for student orientation on climate considerations.  We looked at ways that the media was working in our society around the environment and tried to find solutions to this dilemma:  How to face the challenges without losing hope!   My motto was:  "Just add the environment" to every lesson and activity.  We continue to build our program to include ecomedia literacy to establish new norms.

Project Portfolio
  •  DeGette-Solutions Challenge Project Portfolio.pdf

    DeGette-Solutions Challenge Project Portfolio.pdf

    2023-03-01 06:40:49


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Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Goal 13: Climate Action