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Big Idea
Sustainable Communities
Essential Question
How to monitor remote dustbins if WiFi services are not available everywhere?
Project Description

“IoT-WSN Connected Dustbins Network” is a smart wireless sensor network with sensors, IoT and WSN technology to provide an automation industry assisting to build smart dustbins for smart cities. Monitoring of dustbins can be implemented using ultrasonic sensors, LEDs, microcontrollers and other supporting devices with renewable power source. Many devices are available in the market having similar solution. Some smart dustbins are using IoT service to report the administration about the status of dustbin. But it is not possible to provide internet access to each dustbin. So “IoT-WSN Connected Dustbins Network” is a native solution to solve the above problem.

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Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities