Project Information
Project year
Big Idea
LGBTQ+ Safe Space
Essential Question
How can the LGBTQ+ community and supporters safely voice their opinions and bring awareness?
Project Description

Accept & Connect is a digital safe-space created to support the LQBTQ+ community and give them a way to safely voice their opinions. Through our podcast, "Locked In", we created an effective way for those who want to remain anonymous (or those who don’t mind) to be able to voice their opinions and thoughts, and to easily gain publicity and draw awareness to their cause.

Project Portfolio
  •  Accept & Connect - B.E. MAYS HS_CSC Submission.pdf

    Accept & Connect - B.E. MAYS HS_CSC Submission.pdf

    2023-03-01 07:21:13


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Goal 5: Gender Equality
Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities