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Big Idea
Preventing Tire hazards
Essential Question
How can we reduce the numbers of discarded tires ending up in landfills?
Project Description

When tires pile up in landfills or junkyards, they can release chemicals into the air, ground, and water that alter the ecosystem. Just sitting in the sun, a waste tire releases methane gas into the air. This greenhouse gas increases our carbon footprint and can contribute to climate change. Tire dumps often become breeding grounds for vermin and mosquitoes, which can carry diseases. Our school has a fleet of buses and because of these we have dozens of discarded tires which could have ended up in landfills instead we recycled them and repurposed them for ornamental designs.

Project Portfolio
  •  Repurposed Tire Project2 by Caleb STEAM Hub.pdf

    Repurposed Tire Project2 by Caleb STEAM Hub.pdf

    2022-12-30 03:00:00


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Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
Goal 13: Climate Action
Goal 15: Life on Land