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Big Idea
Empower Girl Child
Essential Question
How to inculcate basic technical skills and responsible use of internet among girls 12-16?
Project Description

This project will assist 77 underprivileged girls of the 12 to 16 age group, in their basic technical skills and infusing judicious use of technology in their life. These girls lack digital literacy and skills, 58 of them first touched a computer system and others don't know mouse skills. No girl has a computer system at home i.e. mostly digitally illiterate, But everyone was passionate to learn. Our team of 10 girls collected funds. We repaired 10 systems and 2 projectors etc. Managed school timetable for access to the lab and instructed learning of paint, word, maps, etc.

Project Portfolio
  •  Skills Development Project- Ciena.pdf

    Skills Development Project- Ciena.pdf

    2023-02-28 08:43:07


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Goal 4: Quality Education