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How can we safeguard the earth and ozone layer for a better sustainable future ?
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Protecting our mother earth and the umbrella of the Ozone Layer is essential for human life. The botherless attitude about it is fatal. Our state, specifically our community suffered a lot in August 2023 due to the unprecedented floods in which nearly 2500 people were evacuated by NDRF including airlifting of 1150. The experts have attributed these floods to climate change. Now is the time to promote climate awareness within the community, encouraging personal actions like tree plantation, rejecting single-use plastics, cutting vehicular emissions, and contributing to Earth and ozone layer protection initiatives.

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  •  2024 Ciena Solutions Challenge Project Climate Action (3).pdf

    2024 Ciena Solutions Challenge Project Climate Action (3).pdf

    2024-03-03 08:19:21


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Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
Goal 13: Climate Action
Goal 15: Life on Land
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Student Reflection Video