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Project year
Big Idea
littering: plastic pollution
Essential Question
How can we educate children to take care of the enviroment?
Project Description

The project goal is to educate children about the importance of disposing trash properly. This is done through the creation of flash cards, which help students remember information easily. Flashcards support visual and kinesthetic learners who would like to see and touch things. The 8th grade students used flashcards to teach children in the orphanage about effects of littering and plastic pollution. The children loved the experience. Unfortunately, there is lack of visual resources on the environmental education in the Kazakh language and many primary and secondary teachers are constrained to use only textbooks, which sometimes have boring texts.

Project Portfolio
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    2023-02-28 16:34:42


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Goal 4: Quality Education
Goal 14: Life Below Water
Goal 15: Life on Land